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Welcome to the Space Lab...

Where We Take The Mystery Out Of Websites!

If you are in business you need to have a website to promote and sell your products.

And this is just as true if you're an individual or very small company, without huge resources or technical expertise. Our clients are typically:

People, in other words, without a lot of time to spare. If you're such a person, we can build your ideal website.

Do You Really Need A Designer-made Site?

Yes there are free services that give you a basic website. As soon as you try to make an income from these though, they start to charge you for the privilege. What's more, you're limited to generic and impersonal designs, and have no real options to express either your personality or the style and quality of your work. And of course if you have any problems, you're pretty much on your own.

For the same cost - or less! - we can create a bespoke website that does what you want, expresses what you're about, and helps you to stand out from the competition.

What Does It Cost?


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If you need a site that has some online business aspect such as sales, or want to add that to your existing site, you may qualify for Trading Online Vouchers ("LEO Vouchers"), a government scheme that gives very substantial support to businesses entering the world of Web commerce. We can help you apply for this funding; see more on our Information page.